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Service Duration Price
Chiropractic Initial Exam – New PatientCompleate exam & history, Report Of Findings (ROF) Dr. Blake goes over your X-Rays and explains what treatment plan is best for your diagnosis
Physical Therapy (if needed). Spinal Manipulation pending reading of your X-Rays..
30 mins $75
Chiropractic Office Visit – Cash Established PatientChiropractic Manipulation & Physical Therapy (if needed) 20 mins $40
Chiropractic Office Visit – Insurance Established PatientChiropractic Manipulation & Physical Therapy (if needed). Patients financial responsibility of their Deductable, Co-pay/Co-insurance is determined by patients insurance coverage. 20 mins N/A
Half-Hour Massage – Therapeutic Massage that is specifically tailored to the needs of each client. 30 mins $30
One Hour Massage – Therapeutic Massage that is specificaly tailored to the needs of each client. 60 mins $60
Crazy Fit Vibration Massage – Improves blood and lymphatic circulation, increases bone density, enhances metabolism, tones muscles, tightens skin and reduces cellulite, speeds recovery from surgery & trauma, increases flexibility,aids in weight loss, assists in preventing osteoporosis. 10 mins $10
Dry Hydrotherapy Massage Bed – Relax while laying down on your back letting warm water cascade up & down your body relaxing your tense muscles and increasing blood supply & nutrition to your muscles, speeding up elimination of metabolic wastes including lactic acid and reducing tension. 20 mins $20
Infrared Sauna – Infrared heat penetrates 1 1/2 inches into the body increasing blood circulation and cellular activity causing the immune system to spring into action by sweating & releasing toxins. It aids in weight loss, detoxifies body,aids in pain relief & much more! 30 mins $20
Maintenance Visit – Colon hydrotherapy session and relaxation techniques 60 mins $75
Quick Fix 1 Wellness Package – Don’t have a lot of time but need some rejuvenation? Kick start your metabolism on the Crazy Fit Vibration & then head into the Infrared Sauna to release toxins & heavy metals & then finish with a relaxing Half-hour Therapeutic massage. 70 mins $47
Initial Nutritional Counseling Session – We will discuss your nutritional goals, whether it is weight loss or creating a healthier lifestyle through nutrition. This session is approximately an hour long, there is paperwork to be filled out prior to this appointment. 60 mins $60
Optimal Nutritional Health Follow-Up Visits – 30 minute session to discuss & monitor weight loss goals & healthier nutrition choices to fit your lifestyle. Must have had an Initial Nutritional Session prior to follow-ups. 30 mins $30